The Siemens SN278136TE is one of Siemens’ most innovative dishwashers and leaves little room in the way of potential improvements. This freestanding unit is the pinnacle of forward-thinking engineering and it combines efficiency, power, ease of access and good looks all in one formidable package. We forgot to mention one thing - the SN278136TE is Home Connect compatible which means it can be monitored and controlled via app from your smartphone or tablet when you are out and about thus adding a great degree of flexibility to your life.


The stainless steel finish of the machine is simple, tasteful and contains a black LED display screen where information such as cycle, temperature and elapsed time are displayed in signature Siemens blue and white. The same scheme is included on the top control layout and it couldn’t be more simple: just select the icon that corresponds with the machine’s eight wash programs. One-touch that we really liked was how the small screen on the top control panel displayed the time that the wash would be completed depending on what programs or settings you select.


A Beautiful Well Thought Out Interior


Adjustable racking is very important in this day and age especially in large freestanding models as it’s a reasonable assumption that a washer of this size will have to take care of a range of tall, delicate and awkward items (wine glasses, flutes, spatulas etc). Luckily Siemens have fitted this dishwasher with an adjustable racking system that works for everything. If you are washing bulky items in the top draw (say pint glasses or jugs) simply drop the tray down a level so that you can free up extra space, the same goes for tall upwards items on the bottom basket.


The top basket has a very neat feature in that to wash wine glasses, you can just drop the top basket down for height accommodation, flip out the stem holders (these will hold the glasses secure and in place) and you are ready! On the subject of interior matters, it must be said that the inside of this machine is beautiful. A cool blue backlight reflects off the stainless steel walls to bathe the interior in a cool calm blue light. Not only does this make visibility better when loading/unloading dishes, but it also conveys a sense of surgical cleanliness.   


Loaded With Cutting-Edge Features


This appliance comes loaded with just about every forward-thinking feature Siemens has developed to date. DosageAssist ensures that your dishwasher tab does the maximum amount of work and is completely dissolved and not just partially used. It’s a headache for lots of people when they come to unload their dishwasher only to discover that the tab has only been half dissolved and the dishes haven’t been cleaned properly. The very motor system used in the SN278136TE is a special brushless iQDrive motor which basically uses magnets to minimise any harsh kinetic contacts meaning the motor will not wear down due to use. You can therefore be sure that when investing in a machine like the SN278136TE you’ll be doing it for the long term.


The SN278136TE has a unique drying feature that we find absolutely fascinating, it’s called “Zeolite Drying” and uses the naturally occurring Zeolite mineral as a way of converting moisture into heat. Siemens have fitted a number of Zeolite pearls under the dishwashers main cavity and when the wash cycle completes, the moist air is syphoned off into the compartment that contains this bed of dry zeolite pearls.  A chemical reaction occurs as the moisture is absorbed by the zeolite pearls which results in the output of extreme heat which is then used to dry the wash at an impressive speed. This genius drying mechanism means that not only do you get lightning-fast drying cycles and a brilliant glassware shine, but you also get them without having to use massive amounts of electricity. 


The Zeolite drying feature no doubt makes a huge contribution to the appliance’s very efficient A+++ energy usage rating which is the highest possible score on the scale. Overall anyone who occupies a medium-sized household and wants a technology streamlined dishwashing experience should 100% buy SN278136TE immediately - you really won’t regret it!


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