You may think that shopping for hobs is a straightforward task that leaves very little to get excited about. After all hobs perform a set function, it gets hot, heats pans and then cools down. That is of course until you see how Siemens have used their legendary blend of minimal design and user-friendly technology to make something fresh and exciting. The EU611BEB1E is slick, seamless and functional.


The first thing to mention is that this hob works using the induction principle so it cooks food by forcing an electrical current through the base of your pans or pots. As the iron of the pan resists the electric current, huge amounts of thermal energy are produced which can then be used to cook. Quality induction hubs like the EU611BEB1E are said to cut down on cooking time by up to 60% on account of how fast they create heat. In addition, they are probably the safest options for worktop cooking available today as the cooking zones don’t radiate heat which therefore reduces the risk of accidental injury. 


Elegant & Easy To Maintain



Bringing technical considerations to the forefront, this hob frame is half-integrated and it occupies 5.1cm x 59.2cm x 52.2cm so it’s quite a neat compact fit. We took an instant liking to the thinness of the hob and especially the subtly rounded sides. Combine this with the smooth texture and deep black finish and it already comes across as something that would look beautiful in any kitchen. The hob contains four cooking zones all of which are lined with Siemens powerful induction coils and are all controllable via touch screen controls at the base of the unit. Simply touch the icon and then select the cooking zone desired with a tap of your finger!

With no protruding buttons or dials, maintenance is stress free and requires little more than the quick flick of a cloth. Since no heat is actually generated from the cooking zones, you tend to avoid the frustration of those thick burnt-on spills and stains.


Helpful & Practical



The built-in timer function comes in handy for a variety of applications especially if your attention is diverted elsewhere as is the case with multi-task cooking. Take boiled eggs for example, once you have brought the saucer to a boil, you can set the timer function to stop the boiling process after five minutes and the zone shut-off will halt the cooking process. The same applies for dishes like soup, curry or stews - set the temperature for cooking, enter the time duration and use the residual heat after the duration has expired to keep the dish simmering.          

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