The WD14U520GB free-standing washer dryer is a beautifully bold appliance and this is apparent as soon as you see it fresh out of the box. In terms of appearance, the appliance comes in white with a black smooth plastic inner-door rim. The touch display controls are clearly marked on the front of the machine along with with a tastefully smooth black and white LED display screen. Weighing 83kg, the appliance is fairly large and measures in as follows: H84.8cm x W59.8cm x D62cm. This sizing is deliberate because the WD14U520GB is geared towards households with big load requirements. The built-in dryer facility really gives this appliance the one-stop-shop factor when it comes to household laundry as it eliminates the need for a separate tumble dryer thus saving you space. The WD14U520GB also uses a condenser model of drying where all the moisture from a wet load is extracted and then collected in a small plastic box which can be ejected and emptied at the bottom right of the machine. Condenser drying means that you don’t need to a wall vent to expel extracted moisture, thus giving you flexibility when it comes to placing the appliance.    

Large Load Capacity

The 10kg drum capacity is slightly higher than the standard 7/8kg capacities found on many average-sized washers but what’s really impressive is how Siemens have achieved a lightning-fast spin speed of 1,400rpm. A fast speed means everything when it comes to washing machines as it dictates how quickly your clothes can dry. The WD14U520GB has been put together with serious care and despite the fast spin speed and large drum, it operates at an impressively quiet spin cycle volume of 71dB, a little less equivalent of the sound of a toilet flushing. It’s also worth noting that even if you don’t use the entire drum capacity, the extra room will give your clothes more room to tumble which leads to quicker drying times. These days, it’s becoming more and more of a requirement for washer dryers to preserve the quality and well-being of the clothes that they are washing. If your washing machine is damaging your fine garments by spinning them too roughly, stretching or shrinking them, then the machine is not fit for purpose. Siemens have been perfecting garment friendly washing processes for years and the WD14U520GB includes their own AutoDry technology which achieves the perfect level of dryness based on the level of saturation in each item.

Using Cutting Edge Technology To Protect Your Clothes

The design of this feature involves measuring current conductivity through metal conductors within the drum during the drying cycle. As the clothes dry, less moisture is available to conduct the current and this is recorded by the machine’s smart sensory chips. Not only does this save your clothes from heat damage as a result of excessive drying, it also saves a lot of energy per cycle which really adds up. The combined efficiency of the appliance’s many intelligent features adds up to an impressive energy rating of A which is testament to the high standards we’ve come to associate with Siemens.  For all of its intelligent features, the WD14U520GB is built with an incredible depth of quality. The outer casing feels secure and firm, the machine does not rattle and the LED screen displays information about the load (remaining duration/temperature etc) with crystal-clear clarity. The WD14U520GB also includes a 2-year guarantee upon purchase which is further testament to the level of quality. 

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