The KG34NVX3AG fridge freezer is one of Siemens’ iQ300 range workhorses. This all-encompassing family-sized combo comes with a 214/105 fridge-to-freezer capacity split which is more than enough to satisfy your average-sized household. Siemens has adopted the anti-fingerprint black steel finish which gives the appliance a fresh bold look. The 60cm width makes the fridge more than compatible with the majority of spaces you would expect to find in a kitchen so you needn't worry about it being too large. The appliance comes loaded with some of Siemens’ most clever features despite its very reasonable price of £749. 


The Fridge



Starting with the fridge, we have a Softline-hinged door design which is reversible meaning it can be reattached to open left to right or remain right to left. The reason for this is so that you have more options when it comes to integrating the appliance into your home space. You may decide that the standard right hinged configuration causes the door to obstruct something of importance and that it would be more convenient for it to open in the other direction. The appliance is also regulated by a smart air circulation system whereby multiple fresh air ducts are positioned at numerous different points around the fridge. This “multiAirflow” system will ensure that no matter where your food sits, it will benefit from a reliable and even flow of cold air and therefore stay fresher for longer.


A well-known issue with large family-sized fridges was always circulation. Typically, a packed 214-litre fridge with limited cold air ducts would see items of food closest to the ducts remain preserved whilst blocking the flow of air to other areas of the fridge. Faster rates of spoiling and reduced freshness would often be the case in the absence of circulation.  Luckily, this is not an issue with the KG34NVX3AG. The appliance is also built to include separate hyperFresh boxes which are specially designed to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer by keeping them at a constant 0 degrees. The fridge does a great job of taking care of your food.


The Freezer



The prominent focus on preserving food quality carries through to the freezer section by the way of Siemens’ “superCooling” feature. Usually, when you are unloading your shopping from bag to freezer, the cold environment is warmed up as food is introduced to the boxes. This can create all kinds of problems including the thawing of food already in the freezer. The KG34NVX3AG is unique in that it compensates for heat spikes by immediately lowering the freezer’s temperature once a spike is detected. A good example of why the superCooling feature is important is ice cream - if it becomes too thawed and then refrozen, it reforms to be rock-solid and near impossible to spoon. By lowering the freezer temperature immediately before the ice cream can defrost, this whole issue can be avoided.   


The freezer portion of the appliance contains three boxes including one large-sized “Big Box” which is perfect for storing any large or awkward items. Between the three boxes you pretty much have everything you need to store standard frozen items like bags and cartons all the way to full turkeys and joints of meat. This is perfect for those households that like their frozen convenience foods (frozen veg, berries, frozen bread, oven chips) but also have a need to store the occasional joint of meat for more formal occasions or roasts. 


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