When you first set eyes on the GS36NAX3P you’ll probably agree that it cuts a beautifully tall and slender profile which is further complemented by the minimal black stainless steel finish. The door handle is also tucked away on the far right hand edge of the door which not only provides more leverage but also amplifies the cool intensity of the black stainless steel face. This is a stand-alone freezer so the entire 1860 x (W)600 x (D)650 mass is dedicated to serving the function of freezing and freezing alone. 





The first thing to say about the GS36NAX3P is that although it may not be a double door freezer, it makes up for capacity through stackable height. With four large storage drawers and three shelves, there is plenty of room to store all kinds of frozen foods. In fact the combined capacity of all these storage spaces amounts to an incredible 242 litres. From a home compatibility perspective, the freezer’s slender frame and impressive capacity is perfect for pantries, kitchens or basements that may have limited space. So let's get into the features: if you know anything about Siemens then you’ll be aware that they are the boundary pushers, constantly striving for the next big technological innovation. This reputation has put the company at the forefront of the appliance marketplace for years so does the GS36NAX3P embody any this technological greatness? Absolutely. NoFrost technology comes as standard with the GS36NAX3P and it will forever spare you the task of having to conduct manual defrosts. When you open the freezer and are faced with what seems to be the aftermath of a blizzard, it’s usually because moisture has become trapped inside and been turned into ice. This isn’t a problem for the GS36NAX3P as it uses intelligent sensors to detect moisture buildup which it will expel in order to prevent substantial ice buildup. It even keeps on top of any potential ice build ups by performing micro-defrosts at regular intervals. The result - clean and ice-free fridge space.




Although this freezer is spotlessly ice-free, it does make ice cubes for human consumption using Siemens’ easy-use iceTwister machine. This is a wonderful addition to have in the home because it gives you the chance to freshen up a cold drink with the flick of a wrist. The iceTwist is refreshingly simple. Simply fill the ice box with water where it will collect and freeze into cubes. When you twist the ice dial on the front of the box, the internal tray will rotate and dispense the ice cubes through a chute and into a compartment where they can be collected. This is a lot more hygienic than a lot of dispensers as you can clean the tray box quite easily. 


Flexible Space

The GS36NAX3P has a generous amount of space, but what makes it unique is the flexibility and customisable nature of this space. The flexible variZone storage boxes are completely removable so if you needed to freeze any tall items eg. a french stick or a long leg of lamb, you can free up the space for them to fit by removing a draw or two. This unique but simple feature gives you the power to deep-freeze anything and not be limited by small draws only capable of fitting bagged or boxed food. This freezer has a total of seven different levels all of which receive the same amount of cold air circulation from multiple ducts. All of your food no matter where it is stored will be chilled and frozen simultaneously as opposed to say top shelf items freezing first due to proximity with the main cold air duct.

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