This Hotpoint washing machine is capable of of-of removing over 100 stains at just 20 degrees Celsius. The washing machine preserves fabrics and colours whilst still delivering effective cleaning. 

Its innovative direct injection system is a premix of water and detergent in a separate section before it is entered into the drum. This means that the detergent is already activated into a cleaning foam before being injected directly into the wash. The detergent then penetrates fibres more efficiently and the enzymes are activated a lot faster. 

The machine’s cleaning power is increased by 60% and delivers effective deep cleaning at low temperatures. This keeps colours and fabrics safe. There is also an added feature of Steam Hygiene which adds an extra period of steam at the end of the wash cycle for an intense and deep clean. 



Key Features 

Direct Injection - With the premixing technology of direct injection, within the first few minutes of the wash the detergent is transformed into a washing mousse allowing the cleaning power to increase by 60% compared to conventional washing machines. Due to this, you can reduce the washing temperature to 20 degrees which means you the machine will take more care of the colour within your clothes.

Steam Technology - Steam technology adds an extra period of steam at the end of a full cycle for a deep clean. 

Woolmark Platinum Care - This machine provides soft and gentle care for clothes made out of wool. The machine has a delicate wash programme which will keep your woollens as good as new. The feature uses a gentle drum action and a low spin speed which will stop you clothes running together which will keep them looking fresh for longer.

Ultima S Line - Hotpoint have now introduced the new Ultima S-Line. This is the only washing machine that can remove over 100 stains and just 20 degrees Celcius without any pre-treatment, which will keep fabrics and colours safe. This is all thanks to Hotpoint’s innovative cleaning technology. 

Super Silent - This machine is so silent you will hardly notice it is on. The machine contains special soundproofing panels along with an advanced brushless motor both reduce noise levels dramatically, which means you won’t be disturbed when you’re with family and friends.


That Little Bit Extra

The Hotpoint washing machine also includes eco rain technology which is when water is sprayed onto the top of the clothes just like a shower. This technology only uses the necessary amount of water, energy which avoids any waste. 

This is one of Hotpoint’s most efficient machines to date. Direct injection technology is exclusive to Hotpoint. This impressive feature is assured to remove 100 different types of stubborn stains at only 20 degrees. 

The function premixes the water and the detergent which will help the machine perform a deep and thorough clean whilst also providing an economical wash. The machine also includes steam hygiene which enhances the washing performance by generating steam whilst the machine is on to remove any bacteria from the clothes fibres. 

Finally, the washing machine is built with sound insulating panels and is also equipt with an advanced brushless motor. The machine is so quiet you won’t even realise it is on. This is a fantastic feature which allows you to save money as you will be able to run your machine during the night which is when energy costs are lower. 


Jamie Oliver 

“I'm so excited to be working with Hotpoint and show how their incredible equipment can make your life easier in the kitchen, so you can cook up a storm for your nearest and dearest, every day of the week.” - Jamie Oliver

Hotpoint together with Jamie Oliver have worked together to present a collection of easy to use appliances which will inspire you and your family to get creative in the kitchen. The pair want you to love and be able to rely on the appliances you use and because of this has created a range of ovens, hobs, fridge freezers for you to eat and live well. 


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