Discover an interactive way of cooking with Hoover’s Vision electric oven. This multifunctional model has a huge range of cooking options to choose from, allowing you to make every meal perfectly. However, this oven is completely unique and is unlike any oven you will have seen before. It features a 19 inch, full interactive touchscreen door which lets you adjust any settings with the touch of a finger. Inside is also a built-in HD camera which lets you check on your meals without opening the door and losing heat or energy.  

The oven is even compatible with the Hoover Wizard app, with this feature you are able to watch recipe videos, save your favourites to an online cookbook, watch your food cooking and control the oven as a whole from the comfort of your sofa through your smartphone. The appliance is designed to fit at eye level or under a worktop depending on your preference. 


19” Interactive Touch Screen




The oven is controlled through a 19” interactive touch screen with a single on/off button. The interactive touch screen is a quick and easy way to navigate around the oven and there are even step by step cooking tutorials included. The oven door is essentially a big screen which allows you to watch tutorials, make your own and save your favourite recipes and even access selected websites. 

Now you can keep all of your favourite recipes, timings and cooking functions in one place and accessible at the touch of a button. You also have the option of choosing pre-programmed, suggested recipes for you to try out too. Included is also a video recipe mode which offers step by step guidance starting from the ingredients based on the number of mouths to feed, to the cooking mode, temperature and time. 


Integrated HD Camera




Vision is fully equipped with an integrated HD camera which can provide a unique view of the interior of the oven and a close up of the dishes which are being cooked to ensure that constant monitoring throughout, without opening the door and preserving all of the heat and energy. Food can also be closely monitored remotely through the Hoover Wizard App. 


Hoover Wizard App



The Hoover Wizard App enables you to manage and control all of the connected appliances by Hoover.  The app allows you to control a range of Hoover appliances from anywhere in your home. There is a range of features which have been created for the app to help customers get the most out of the functionality of the appliance. You will be able to check on your food, check timings and select cooking modes as well as watch videos and interact fully with each of your appliances, even if you're not in the room. 


That’s Not All…


The Vision oven also has a generous 80-litre capacity, 10 separate cooking functions,  variable grill, telescopic runners and two enamel baking trays, all under an A energy rating which will save you money in the long run as well as the environment on top of everything.