The HDSVI985B hood by Hoover is the perfect addition to any home and kitchen. It is made from glass and stainless steel for style and performance purposes, allowing your home to be stylish and practical. The perimeter extraction filter improves air quality in your home as smoke and steam are conducted along the perimeter of the hood which slows down the speed and filters in a deeper way. 


A Healthy Home




The most notable benefit of the HDSVI985B hood is that it removes potentially toxic pollutants and gasses from the air in your kitchen. Steam, grease and smoke can all be released in the kitchen which can all have potentially dangerous side effects if inhaled by those near it. With the simple push of a button, the hood will extract all of these undesirable particles out of your home and away from the kitchen. The hood will remove the smoke and steam from the kitchen which will ultimately make it a lot cooler. The hood will also stop any steam or smoke from hitting you in the face whilst you are cooking which is a handy feature.  


Innovative Design


The LED lighting provides a bright light to the cooking area which will help with food preparation. They offering a staggering  90% less energy and are longer lasting than conventional bulbs. The extra lighting is beneficial to both cooking and cleaning, being able to actually see the food that you are preparing and cooking can prevent accidents such as burning and cutting yourself. 

Hoods are becoming a design element to the home which is why Hoover have incorporated modern touch control panels which have been added in order to be in line with the latest trends and to better decorate the kitchen. Hoods can also increase the value of your home as they are almost expected to be fitted in every single home, due to this they can improve the value of your home and could help you sell your home for even more than usual. 

The HDSVI985B hood by Hoover has an A-class energy rating which means it will not only improve your energy bills but will also help the environment. The hood will protect your home against toxins and unpleasant odours and is an important feature for your home and for your overall health.