The CAFF45GM is made to provide for large households that are serious about cooking in large quantities and from scratch. A more than generous combined 560 litre capacity ensures ample space for a serious amount of fresh and frozen items. Built using the french door concept, both fridge and freezer doors open outwards to a 180 degrees in order to provide you with a complete display of the unit’s contents. This type of intelligent design is no surprise as the Caple brand has adhered to detail in order to produce products that are as user centric as they are striking. The long handles on each fridge door not only look great but they also provide enough power and leverage to make the opening process as slick and effortless as possible.


Bold, Sleek & Timeless

The CAFF45GM emanates pride and confidence with its beautifully robust polished gunmetal exterior and bold metal handles. Aside from looking smart and tasteful, the gunmetal exterior is very practical in everyday life and copes with blemishing very well whilst also being surprisingly easy to clean. The simplistic and clear outer design of this unit makes it compatible with just about any kitchen no matter the style. 


Storage features come thick and fast with this fridge freezer combo and everything is catered for with individual spacious compartments for different items. This fridge section currently includes two salad crispers, a meat chiller compartment, two covered dairy compartments and six storage racks. Also included in the refrigerator section are handy spill proof shell crisper lids which halt the flow of a liquid overspill should it occur.

The freezer section is divided into two large compartments each with a 4-draw capacity. This is an absolute godsend if you are the type of person that stocks up on frozen food every couple of months and consumes it gradually. The freezer has some pretty intuitive features such as “super freeze” mode which freezes fresh food extra quickly in order to retain its original fresh qualities. You will also be glad to know that the CAFF45GM is a fully frost-free freezer which means that it will regulate the internal freezer temperature to melt and drain away any ice that occurs as a result of moisture. 

Many large-scale fridge freezer units often fall victim to a lack of air circulation when fridge space is filled to capacity. This when fresh air can’t circulate adequately, some food starts to go off quicker. To counter this, Caple have introduced their intelligent multi-air flow design which allows for a perfectly even and total distribution of cool air throughout all areas of the fridge to keep your food fresh no matter where it is. 

Controlling the unit is made easier by the slick back-lit LED display on the front. Here you can have access to temperature settings and other various functions. Caple have designed this touch sensitive LED screen to be as easy and user friendly as possible. The clarity of the display makes it accessible for a wide range of people including those who are visually challenged 




This unit is graded A+ for all round energy efficiency which is a surprisingly high rating for a fridge freezer combo of this size. This model also has an eco-mode which can optimise Aside from saving money from your utilities, you will also be running an appliance that has an impressively low environmental impact. In addition, the refrigeration system for both fridge and freezer uses atmosphere friendly refrigerant chemicals which are 100% CFC and HFC free. 


For passionate foodies, Caple is the perfect brand, coupling outstanding build quality and clever functions, however you still require great customer service and delivery options in Hampshire. At South Coast Appliances you can get the Caple CAFF45GM with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, click here for more information.